Tips for Saving $ on Kitchen Remodeling


Costs can significantly increase when you begin to add windows, remove walls and relocate plumbing, gas, or electric lines. If you need to explore ways to enhance your space without significant changes to your existing space, use a design tool and add things like organizational cabinets, open cabinet plans or new appliances to spice up the look and feel of your room.


Look for ways to get the style and functionality you want and need in your cabinets. As an example, consider using budget-friendly butcher block on the perimeter and splurge for a quartz countertop on your feature island. Or look for different door knobs that have the same style, but may be a portion of the cost.


Knowing when you want to complete a remodel is a big decision. Planning ahead and working with your contractors and vendors for timing may give you a better deal on labor charges. If you need things in a rush or on a schedule time and around the holidays, you may have to pay an increase in labor fee's.

Let us help you plan ahead, get creative and keep your layout while enhancing the style and functionality of your kitchen.

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